The Infusionsoft – Application Accounts Section allows you to setup the different Infusionsoft Accounts that the Extension can be used in.

By default, the majority of the features of the Extension will work without the need of setting up an Infusionsoft Account.  But, there is a handful of features that will need the application name being set, and some of those will also require the API Key as well.

It is recommended that you do put in your Infusionsoft Application Account details in.


KB - Infusionsoft - Application Accounts


Explanation of the Fields

Application Name

The Application Name is the subdomain name of your Infusionsoft website address.  For example, if you have the following website address:, then “alpha” is your Application Name.

Date Format

By default, Infusionsoft Accounts are set to the US Date Format of (MM/DD/YYYY).  When you setup your Infusionsoft Account for the first time, you have the option to change the Date Format to another type.

The Extension cannot automatically determine what Date Format your Infusionsoft Application is currently running, so this setting allows you to control it.


The API Key can be found in your Infusionsoft Application under the “Admin -> Settings -> Application -> API -> Encrypted Key” Section.   The picture below shows an example of this.

If you do not see an Encrypted Key value, then you need to set one up by entering a Passphrase.  The Passphrase can be set to anything you like.  On upon saving your settings, the page will refresh and the API Encrypted Key will now appear on the page.

You then need to copy the API Encrypted Key into the Extension Options.


KB - Infusionsoft - Application Accounts - API Key