The Table Explorer Section will help in a number of ways as it allows easy viewing of the API Table data.

You select the API Table on the left, and its contents will appear on the right.  The picture below shows the CampaignStep table being accessed.

NOTE: If you do not see any Tables listed, then you need to make sure the Infusionsoft Account is selected at the top of the page, and its API Key has been set up.

The Control Bar at the top allows you to easily navigate the pages, or adjust the query values.



  • If you see any table data like ID columns with Purple colors, then by hovering your mouse pointer over it will show a popup with a reference to its associated table data.
  • You can enter a comma separate list of ID numbers for the Identity columns.  For example, if the Query Field is set to “Id”, entering into the Query Value “1,2,3,4,5”, will only return those ID numbers.


v0.1.0 Developers Table Explorer