• Avatars – Integrate Gravatar into Infusionsoft.
  • Charts – Integrate Google Charts into Infusionsoft.
  • Dropbox – Integrate Dropbox into Infusionsoft.
  • Editors – Integrate CKEditor into Infusionsoft.
  • Google Maps – Integrate Google Maps into Infusionsoft.
  • Mapbox – Integrate Mapbox into Infusionsoft.
  • Phone – XtendIn  – Integrate Click to Call Phone into Infusionsoft.
  • Phone – turboDial – Integrate turboDial into Infusionsoft.



  • Application Accounts – Setting up your Infusionsoft Accounts so that various Extension features can work correctly.

Sign In

  • Sign In Accounts – Setting up your Infusionsoft Sign In Accounts so that you can automatically log in.
  • Login – Infusionsoft Login Options.
  • Logout – Infusionsoft Logout Options.


  • Data Tables – Extend the Data Tables with a Navigation Bar.
  • Fields – Setup Address State Fields.
  • Links – Configuration of the Hover Popup for Contact Record and Opportunity Record Links.
  • Saved Searches – Add the ID number to the Saved Search.
  • Search Box – Alter the Search behaviour of the top right Search Box.
  • Tag Markers – Add Picture / Audio Markers to Contacts.
  • Various – Change the Version Number into a clickable link.
  • Web Elements – Change the Drop Downs to Searchable versions.

My Nav

  • My Day – Hide Completed Task, Note Options.


  • Contacts – Changing the features in the Interactive View of the Contacts Table.
  • Contact Record – Auto Tabbing, Tag List Appearance/Sorting, Tag IDs, Form Previews, Email Previews, File Box Previews, Notes, Duplicate Email Checking.
  • Note Popup – Description and Popup Window sizes.
  • Add Contact – Duplicate Email Checking.
  • Merge Contacts – Allowing the Contact ID to be swapped for merging contact records.
  • Companies – Add the Notes field into the table.
  • Company Record – Auto Tabbing.
  • Opportunities – Add Company / Phone fields, and Notes options.
  • Opportunity Record – Auto Tabbing, File Box Preview.
  • Reports – Opportunity Stage History Report.
  • Settings
    • Action Sets – Make the Linked To column into clickable links.
    • Tags – Search People by Tag feature, View Number of People.
    • Tag Categories – No Options.




  • Files – File Box Preview.



The Developers Section contains Tools to help API Software Developers.