Google Charts

Google Charts can be integrated into the E-Commerce Orders and the Referral Partner Reports.

The Charts are generated from the data provided within the data tables.

Google Maps

Google Maps can be integrated into your Contact Record.  The size and zoom level of the maps can be adjusted via the options.

Maps will be shown for the Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Optional Address.

feature - map - billing address


The Avatar Imaging service Gravatar can be integrated into your Infusionsoft Account.

You will able be to see the Avatar images in tables that show the Contact Email Address, and in the Contact Record page as well.


When the Phone Option is configured to Skype, all telephone numbers become clickable within Infusionsoft.  When the telephone number link is clicked, it will load Skype to call the selected number.

The Extension will place a phone icon next to the telephone number to indicate it can be called.