Infusionsoft Features

Summary of the main Infusionsoft Features within XtendIn.

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Integration Features


feature - phone - skype 1

When the Phone Option is configured to Skype, or Zapier, or one of the several other possible configurations, all telephone numbers become clickable within Infusionsoft.  When the telephone number link is clicked, it will load Skype to call the selected number.


Integration Dropbox File Preview

Dropbox can be integrated within Infusionsoft Contact Record, with a new Dropbox tab appearing alongside the File Box tab.   After configuring, each Contact Record will have their own Dropbox folder location, enabling documents to be uploaded or downloaded specific to that contact.



Want to see where your Infusionsoft Contacts are in the world?  You can with the Mapbox Integration.  If your Contacts have Addresses, these can be converted into Coordinates, which need to be stored in the Contact Record.  By having those Coordinates, the Map can place Markers to where that Contact resides.

Google Charts

feature - chart - orders

Google Charts can be integrated into the E-Commerce Orders and the Referral Partner Reports.  The Charts are generated from the data provided within the data tables.

Google Maps

feature - map - billing address

Google Maps can be integrated into your Contact Record.  The size and zoom level of the maps can be adjusted via the options.  Maps will be shown for the Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Optional Address.


KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contact Record Hover

The Avatar Imaging service Gravatar can be integrated into your Infusionsoft Account.

You will able be to see the Avatar images in tables that show the Contact Email Address, and in the Contact Record page as well.

Contact Record Features

Auto Tab

Auto Tab

When you hover over the Upper and Lower Tabs in the Contact Record they will automatically show.  This reduces the need to click the tab every time you need to open them.

Tag List


The Tags List in the Summary can be altered in several ways making it easier to read.  You can limit the size, sort it alphabetically or in date order, and include the time stamp for the tag as well.



You can make the Notes section show the full description of the notes.  In addition, the creation date of the notes can also be made to appear in the table.

Recent Email History

Hover the mouse pointer over the Recent History Email link to show a preview of the email sent.

Form Submissions

Hover the mouse pointer over the Form Submission link to show a preview of the form.

File Box

File Box

You can preview the file by hovering the mouse pointer over the link.  Alternatively, the contents of the files can also be embedded into the page.  Download and Delete options can be added to help to bulk download and deletions.

Note, only Text, HTML and Image file types are currently supported.

Tab Display

Customise the display of the Upper and Lower Tabs.  You can rename, add icons, or hide unnecessary tabs from view.

Duplicate Checks

Duplicate checks can be set up for the First Name, Last Name and Email Addresses.  You get a summary of possible duplicate records appearing at the bottom of the Name and Email fields.

Linked Custom Fields

Linked Custom Fields

Want to go beyond Infusionsoft 100 Custom Fields Limit?  Now you can with Linked Custom Fields.  By using the Custom Fields that can be set up in other sections like Orders, Subscriptions, Referral Partners, etc, these additional fields can be setup to be used for Contact Records.

Note, there is several restrictions in place in regards to this feature.  It is primarily designed to store additional data and not process it.

Tag Features

Search Contacts

Tags Search

A new Search column is added into the Tags table allowing you to easily find the contacts associated to that Tag.

When the Search link is clicked for the Tag, the Contacts Search page is opened in a separate web tab, and a search is performed automatically.

All Number of People

Tags People

An additional button can be made to appear in the Tags page allowing you with one click show the number of people for the list of the tags listed.

If your Infusionsoft Account has a low number of Tags is, then the number of people will be shown by default.

Tag Markers

Tag Markers

Tag Markers allows you to assign Picture Markers to specific Tags.  It helps to visually see what types of Tags have been assigned to Contacts.

Assigned Table


At the bottom of the the Add / Edit Tag page you can see a summary of the latest Contacts / Companies that have been assigned to that Tag.  At the top of the table, you can see a count of the number of records that are assigned.

E-Commerce Features

Invoice Preview

Invoice Preview

If you hover your mouse pointer over the Order Link, a hover popup will appear showing the Invoice for that Order.

Orders Chart

Orders Chart

The Google Charts Integration feature will embed a Chart within the Orders page.  The Chart will read the data stored in the Table below it.

Product ID Column

Product ID

When viewing the list of Products, the ID column is now present, allow you to easy see the Product ID.  You can also sort via the column as well.

Marketing Features

Template Preview

Template Preview

If you hover your mouse pointer over the Template Link, you will see a preview of the template appear in the hover popup.

Template Deletion

By enabling the Template Deletion feature, you get a Delete Link appearing in the Templates page allowing you to easily delete the Template.

Automation Links

Automation Link

With Automation Links you can preview them, or be able to easily delete them in one click.

Web Form Tracking Preview

By showing the “Id” column in the Web Form Tracking Report, you can get a hover preview of the data submitted by the person.  This saves time in having to go into the Contact Record and finding the Form Submission.

In additional the “Form Id” column can be converted to show the referring Web Form Template as well.

Campaign Builder

Graph Scrolling


The graph area can be made scrollable, meaning you you will be able to see all of your Campaign if it overflows on the page.

HTTP Post Testing

Infusionsoft has a gotcha in which when you send Test HTTP Posts, it will come from the User Record.  EMC extends it further providing a way to test with Contact Records.

Explorer View


Do you have many Campaigns? Want to structure them in a Tree / Sub Folder View?  Now you can with the Explorer View.

Track Contact

Campaign Builder Track Contact

Want to know which Campaign Builder Sequence a Contact is within?  The Track Contact feature allows you to do so.  When enabled a Track Contact dialog will appear in the Reporting Graph, in which you search for the particular Contact.  Once found it will return all the Sequence information, and draw an Arrow pinpointing the Sequence the Contact is in.

Sidebar Layout

Campaign Builder Sidebar Option

Infusionsoft new Campaign Builder Sidebar is fixed to a particular size.  With Xtendin, you can adjust the number of icons per row from 1 to 5.  So you can have a thinner or thicker sidebar.

Graph Tools

Campaign Builder Edit Graph Tools

Want to Zoom In and Out of a Graph?  Now you can with the Graph Tools.   When enabled you get a toolbar appearing in the Graph allowing you to Zoom, Pan, and Center the Graph.

Sign In / Login Features

Sign In

Sign In Accounts

You can setup a list of your Sign In accounts to make it easier to sign into your Infusionsoft Accounts.  In addition, you can now order the the list of the Infusionsoft Accounts to make it easier in finding them.

Login Session

Sign In Login

You can make the Sign In page to automatically log into your Infusionsoft Account.  One beneficial feature is that you can extend the default 1 hour Login Session Timeout to several hours now.  Or, you can reduce it to less than 1 hour, depending on your situation.


Sign In Logout

You can now make the Logout page to automatically redirect back to the Login back.

Other Features

Merge Contacts

Merge Contacts

You can toggle an option to allow the Contact Record IDs to be swapped around.  This is useful if you want to merge a Contact Record into the Higher Contact Record ID.

Company Record

Company Record

Auto Tabbing is supported.

Opportunity Record

Opportunity Record

Auto Tabbing and File Box Previewing is supported.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools are Free, and carry on working past the 30 Day Trial Limit.

Table Explorer

v0.1.0 Developers Table Explorer

View the contents of each of the API Tables.

Saved Searches


See the list of Saved Searches stored in Infusionsoft, and run them to see the results

Application Settings

v0.1.0 Developers Application Settings

See the values of over 100 Application Settings.

Table References Diagram

v0.1.0 Developers Table References

View the API Table References diagram giving you an overview of how the API Tables are related.

Email Template Viewer


See the contents of the Email Templates stored within Infusionsoft.

Table Count

v0.1.0 Developers Table Count

See the count of the total number of records in each API Table.