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Quick Installation

To setup the Google Mail support you will need to setup Infusionsoft Account details within the Options.

  • Click on the XtendIn Icon.
  • Go to the “Google Mail” Interface options.
  • Click on the “Integration – CRM Application” section.
  • In the “CRM Application” select “Infusionsoft“.
  • Enter your Infusionsoft “Application Name“.
  • Enter your Infusionsoft Application “API Key“.
  • Click on the “Save Options” button.


  • Log into your “Google Mail” account.
  • Go into any “Email Thread” (Preferably one that has an Email Address registered in your Infusionsoft Account).
  • By default you will see an Icon appear next to the Email Address.  It will show the Phone number if its associated with the Contact Record.  If the Contact was not found, it would show “No Contact” message instead.


  • You can also hover your mouse pointer over the Icon to review a popup of the Contact Record information.



  • If the Icon is missing, either you have not configured the CRM Application, or something else has gone wrong.