The Context Menu options will allow you to do a Search within your CRM Application (currently Infusionsoft) by selecting text on the page, and selecting the XtendIn Search option in the Context Menu (Right Click).

Make sure you have the CRM Application selected, and CRM Account Name field filled in.


CRM Application

CRM Application – Only Infusionsoft CRM is currently supported.

CRM Account Name – Enter the name of the CRM Application, eg; Infusionsoft Account Name.


Infusionsoft Options

These options are specific to Infusionsoft.

Search action to perform – You can specific if the Contact Search should be done within the Contacts page or the Quick Search.

Contact Search

If you have chosen the “Contacts Search” Search action, the following options can be used.

Multiple Names – If multiple names are selected, how should that be searched, eg: First and Last Name, Last and First Name.

Email Address – If an Email Address is selected, which Email Address field should that be searched.

Phone Numbers – If a Phone Number (Numbers with 6 or more digits) is selected, which Phone field should be searched.