From August 1st, 2019 XtendIn will be FREE to use.

Unfortunately it has a limited life span as it will not support the upcoming
 Google Chrome Extension Manifest v3 Format.

It means that sometime during 2020 the Extension will stop working.

Alternative solutions are currently being investigated.

​Go Beyond with your Web Application Interface 

XtendIn is a Google Chrome Extension 
that extends specific Web Application Interfaces with a variety of Features

What can it do for me?

When using Web Applications, have you ever come across the following?

  • Too much time being spent on doing specific tasks.
  • Workflows having too many steps, or too many clicks to achieve something.
  • Lack of integrations to a third party service.
  • Web Application Companies not implementing suggestions raised.
  • Ever thought of an idea to see if it is possible to implement.

XtendIn aims to fill the gap where no one else wants to.  It contains too many features to mention, which range from small to large, and understandable to different.  The features will help productivity, or open up new possibilities that were not possible before in Web Application Interfaces.

For more information check out the Release History to see what has been released.​  It will give you a more clearer idea on the type of features that have been implemented.

Summary of some of the Features


  • View and export Top Contacts
  • Integrate with Click-To-Call Phone Software
  • Export Contact Tags​

Google Mail

  • View Infusionsoft Contact details inside Emails
  • Integrate with Twilio to send SMS Messages​


  • Integrate with Click-To-Call Phone Software
  • Add additional Columns into Tables
  • Preview contents of files stored in File Box / Dropbox
  • Hover Previews on Record Links
  • Contact Tag Colors / Tag Markers
  • Button Bar to do quick actions
  • Track a Contact inside a Campaign


  • Integrate Infusionsoft into Intercom
  • View Infusionsoft Contact details inside Conversations


  • ​Hover Previews for Bills, Contact, Invoice Records

Web Applications Supported

Active Campaign

Built On By Suggestions

XtendIn is built on by suggestions from people.

There is literally dozens of different features suggested by many people to do things in their Web Application Interface.

If you need something, just raise a feature request, and we can see if its doable.

All feature requests get analysed, and an outcome is decided to see if it is possible to implement.​

Free until sometime 2020

From August 1st, 2019 XtendIn is now FREE to use.

Unfortunately it will stop working sometime in 2020 when Google's Chrome Extension Manifest v3 becomes mandatory.

Testimonials and Case Studies


Pav and his XtendIn Chrome extension for Infusionsoft is the most amazing thing to happen to Infusionsoft since the Campaign Builder was rolled out. I have asked him for dozens of features that should be native to Infusionsoft but aren’t. In our Facebook PM thread that goes back almost 2 years, I can find dozens of requests he has quickly and efficiently responded to.Here are just a few of the items included in XtendIn:Turn off the checkbox default on a search to adding ID #s and Merge Codes to the Campaign Merge Fields’ setup (Infusionsoft added this later)Display Campaign Merge Field IDs and codesFile Image Viewing of Company imagesView Contents of Filebox without opening each documentHover over a Contact, Opportunity and be able to see it as if you opened it. Also to edit it.More flexibility to add fields to Quick SearchRefresh button everywhere! For example, if I searched for all the contact records not containing an @ sign in the email address, I could edit or delete those contacts, refresh my list without reloading the page. The search is preserved.Mass changing tag categories – saved me many hours on one clientTime stamps on when a tag was applied!!!And so many more that are such a part of my daily routine I don’t even think about them.Pav and XtendIn have saved me hours and hours every week. And, XtendIn is a bargain! Try it and you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Cindy Morus - Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

XtendIn is a must have if you are working in Infusionsoft. So many features, too many to list but the duplicate checker, click to dial integration and custom reporting have made a huge improvement in my productivity.Prior to having this app, I wasn’t able to merge duplicate records at all since Infusionsoft alone wont let you choose the Infusionsoft ID you want to keep. Pav has been so helpful in getting me implement this. I highly recommend XtendIn!

Nicki Bricker - Sales Manager